Past Lives

Have you ever met someone for the first time and there was an instant knowing or connection with this person as if you had known them your whole life. This is a past-life connection. It is a clue that your souls are recognizing each other from previous incarnations and different realms. You may even feel it stronger when you make eye contact. It feels like home. I love when these meetings happen and then you begin to wonder how you were connected in a past-life. We can ask our guides and angels to reveal to us what that connection is and more importantly what the lesson we need to learn by meeting again in this life is. Some of these people are soulmates of yours. We have many soulmates that we come across in our lifetime. Usually these are people that we develop strong bonds with and feel connected to even when we live miles apart. Soulmates are not always in the form of romantic relationships, they can come in the form of friends, siblings, family members, or even co-workers. One clue that someone is your soulmate or that you have known them in a past life is they frequently appear in your dreams. You also find yourself having synchronous moments with them- like you think of them and they call or send a message. You show up wearing similar clothing to a party. You share important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you find this topic interesting and would like more help on your past-life connections and their meaning, feel free to get in touch with me for help in exploring why your souls made the contract  to meet again in this life.

Homage to California

As I sit in my office waiting to see my next patient, I hear the sounds of a young boy's guitar strumming classical tunes like, 'Blackbird', 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Hotel California' and I'm immediately transported to a place in time that feels light, airy, and even magical. I associate this vibe or feeling with the way I felt the first time I came to California at the age of 10. This vibe was placed here long before me by the free spirits, dreamers, and soul seekers who have called this land home. It beckons to those along the same path, and if you feel it, it never leaves you, it just continues to inspire you in waves just as if you were gonna take your last breath but suddenly got a second wind. I felt that vibe again today and I'm feeling grateful to those that have come before me and honored the stirrings in their soul and placed these magical vibrations into the air for those of us who are sensitive to pick them up. Los Angeles, in particular, the city of Angels, has a unique vibration that you either love or hate. I love it, always have and always will. For me, this city is a like a mirror that reflects back to you the vibration you are putting into it. It shows you your true nature, shadows, light and all. I'm proud to say I live in the city of Angels and I'm glad to see that the light, airy, vibration that was started long ago with Peace and Love still stirs and moves those of the younger generation. 


Welcome to the Choose Light Blog

My intention in starting the Choose Light Blog is to encourage, inspire, and motivate those that take the time to read this. Topics on the blog will range from Spiritual to Health to Nutrition or even things that I find humorous. It is just a place for me to express my thoughts on different subjects that I have found to be of interest and/or have expert knowledge and experience in. Please feel free to give me feedback on my posts or suggestions of future topics you might find interesting. Have a blessed day!