Homage to California

As I sit in my office waiting to see my next patient, I hear the sounds of a young boy's guitar strumming classical tunes like, 'Blackbird', 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Hotel California' and I'm immediately transported to a place in time that feels light, airy, and even magical. I associate this vibe or feeling with the way I felt the first time I came to California at the age of 10. This vibe was placed here long before me by the free spirits, dreamers, and soul seekers who have called this land home. It beckons to those along the same path, and if you feel it, it never leaves you, it just continues to inspire you in waves just as if you were gonna take your last breath but suddenly got a second wind. I felt that vibe again today and I'm feeling grateful to those that have come before me and honored the stirrings in their soul and placed these magical vibrations into the air for those of us who are sensitive to pick them up. Los Angeles, in particular, the city of Angels, has a unique vibration that you either love or hate. I love it, always have and always will. For me, this city is a like a mirror that reflects back to you the vibration you are putting into it. It shows you your true nature, shadows, light and all. I'm proud to say I live in the city of Angels and I'm glad to see that the light, airy, vibration that was started long ago with Peace and Love still stirs and moves those of the younger generation.