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Photo by EllysaHo/iStock / Getty Images
Gratitude illuminates the Divine in us all.
— Dr Andrea


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I really enjoyed having Andrea connect with my father, she was able to confirm that he is still around me. She is gifted! Thank You!
— Carla O, California

The gift given by Andrea had real meaning to me. She was guided through the Angels to give me advice in the right moment at the right time as with her message she helped me to hear more clearly how the Angels are trying to help me. Thank you Andrea!
— Angie G

I had an amazing reading with Andrea! There were so many confirmations letting me know I’m on the right track. One major thing that I thought would be beneficial to me was mentioned and turned out I was on the right track from the start. Thanks Andrea for getting me focused on the right path.
— Jennifer K, Florida

Thank you so much for your reading, it was right to the point. It’s given me more insight and highlighted what I have to work on. Now, it’s up to me (with the help of the Angels and spiritual guides).
— Mily, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for doing my Angel Card Reading! I really appreciate it, as it is difficult to do a reading on yourself at times. You were very accurate! Your response was honest, yet positive. Thanks a million!
— Lisa K, Minnesota

Wonderful delivery and accuracy. Filled with love and compassion. Thank you.
— Aimee L, Saskatchewan, Canada

Andrea has a great gift...I feel so grateful for her kindness…she is doing great things!
— Teresa T, Idaho

I just had a reading with Andrea and the Angels and it was amazing! She was spot on with what is going on with me. She helped me release things that were giving me a hard time. Now I can move forward on my journey. Thank you so much Andrea! Love and Light.
— Freda M, Nova Scotia, Canada

Andrea has an awesome gift! She helped to connect me with my deceased parents. Her descriptions were very accurate.
— Desiree S, California

I consulted Andrea for advice about my daughter’s health. She came up with specifics about our family history that I didn’t tell her about. For me this reading justified what I already felt. My reading was done remotely and I had never contacted Andrea prior to the reading. Thank you for the experience. You were very helpful. Love and Light.
— Sabrina L, Canada

Andrea gave me a very accurate and helpful angel reading. It helped me reconfirm my feelings about family and career. I feel more confident and on track with my purpose, working with my angels and seeing their ongoing support and guidance. Thanks for helping me reconnect to my angels and my intuition.
— Candice M, Himalayas, India

I had a great experience with my reading from Andrea!!!....I have had several readings with other people before and it was always a 50/50 shot on the things they would tell me!!!...but Andrea was spot on with everything she said!!!....5 stars:))

Thank You Andrea!!!
— Dawn N, Texas